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Moped Challenge

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As an offshoot of British Long Distance Riders ( we are all about putting together interesting and fun rides, but on small machines - notaby 50cc mopeds, the older the better.


Our first event was on October 29th 2016 around a 37.6 mile course on B roads through the West Midlands - an event we  called the Shropshire TT (although it didn't have anything to do with the TT, and wasn't even mainly in Shropshire....)


Our next event will be on April 8th 2017 and will actually be in Shropshire - named the April Fool's Challenge as it was originally going to be on April 1st, and I am not bright enough to think of a more original name!


The purpose of our challenges is simply to have fun in a friendly competitive spirit, with the main aim being to nurse our varied and aging machines around as many laps of the course as we can in daylight. If you want to take part all you need is to buy, beg, borrow a motorcycle/ moped/ autoocycle/ scooter equipped with a 50cc engine (or at least originally had a 50cc engine...). We hope to have marshals at the start location and travelling marshals, one of whom can provide a transport service back to the start in the event of breakdown (it does happen).